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Financial coaching is all about you. It’s about understanding your current situation and developing a custom plan to help you be successful with money. Whether you’re burdened by debt, need help with big money goals, or just want to get on the same page with your spouse, a trained money coach will walk with you as you make real progress with your finances/ or Rebuild your Credit.

What Is a Money Matters Coach?

A Money Matters financial coach will provide education on the basics of personal finance and help you develop and maintain healthy financial habits, Credit counselling, bankruptcy as well as niching in Credit repair. Their main job is to empower their clients to reach their financial goals and learn how to handle their finances responsibly. They typically work with clients who want to save money, create a budget, pay off debt or improve their financial literacy. Money Matters Coaches niche with rebuilding credit.

Just like a coach for a sports team, a financial coach teaches you the knowledge and skills you need to play the game, helps you create healthy habits that improve your performance, and encourages you from the sidelines. Same idea, much different game.

Look for the Money Matters Leaf for one of our Valko Financial Certified Money Matters Coaches.



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