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Valko Financial Ltd. Goes National with Heart-Centred Leadership

We are incredibly honoured by all the love and support we’ve been receiving from our amazing industry (and beyond!).  See the latest issue of Mortgage Broker News for a taste of what we’ve got cooking! *special thanks to Rachel Major for the artwork – we love it!


Original Source:  Mortgage Broker News

After more than a decade of accomplishments and growth as a top-producing mortgage broker in Kitchener (Ontario), Tracy Valko founded Valko Financial Ltd. in 2018 to share her passion and principles for excellence in service with a team of like-minded, community focused professionals.

Valko Financial Ltd. started small, but always had mighty potential and results because of the individuals who believed in serving the clients and community with honesty, integrity, commitment, and professionalism.

Great minds think alike, and heart-centred people gravitate to each other, so it’s no big surprise that even with three provinces between them (about 4,200 KM), Tracy Valko and Suzanne Fleur de Lys-Aujla are completely in-sync and on the same page, ready to take on all of Canada in the coming months with their conscious leadership style and people-first culture.  


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