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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Downpayment Options

In this video, Marina and Sandra look at downpayment options, and what you will need to show a mortgage lender when you are purchasing a home.

Mortgage Prepayments, Portability & Assumability

In the first video in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) series, Sandra and Marina of The Valko Team answer questions about prepayments and transferring a mortgage.

Waiving Your Conditions

When people think of putting a financing condition in their Offer to Purchase, they generally think that their approval is purely based on their credit score and income. But, did you know that your mortgage lenders also need to approve the property that you are looking at? In this video, Marina and Sandra look into this with a little more detail.

Private Mortgage Financing

People often have a negative connotation when they hear the term ‘private mortgage’ or when we refer to private mortgage financing. What some may not realize is that short-term, private financing can be a a great tool on the road back to financial stability if life throws you a curve ball. In this video, Marina and Sandra look at what those situations might look like, and how a short-term solution can get you back on the road to long-term financial freedom.

Pre-Approvals and Rate Holds

In today’s market, nearly anyone looking to purchase a new home is pre-approved, but do you really know what that term means? In our previous videos, Marina and Sandra have shown that there is more to your mortgage than you think – and your pre-approval is no exception.

Downpayment Sources

When you’re looking for a new mortgage, down payment is always a part of the equation. In our latest FAQ video, Marina and Sandra discuss different forms of downpayment, and the documentation needed to support your application.